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An online multiplayer Battle Royale where players form crews of three pirates face each other in deadly combat. Sail with your space ship in a three-dimensional enviroment with total freedom of movement and rotation.
Sail, loot, equip your ship, shoot your cannons, board the enemy, sabotage their ship and raze them. The last crew win.

Game mechanics

Navigate. Pilot your ship with total freedom of movement and rotation. Creating a unique experience.
Explore the level and get ready for battle. Cooperate with your crew to search, pilot and pick with the harpoon the best equipment for the battle.
Configure your ship. Set up the cannons, manage consumables, activate the ship's shield and install the ram. Transform your ship into a fearsome weapon.
Fire the cannons. Your ship is equipped with six powerful cannons in the upper deck. In the front, the mighty P-Cannon -a two-pirate operated weapon- will aid you to bring destruction upon your enemies.
Let's Board! Hit the enemy with your frontal ram. Hook them with the harpoon, and prevent them from escaping. Unsheathe your swords and jump to the enemy ship.
Sabotage the enemy ship. Get into their ship, destroy or sabotage everything you find, render it unusable. If you are brave enough, overload their core, defend it and send them straight to the depths of space.


Press Kit

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The team

The team behind Blackstorm, take a look at the three departments.